Register Your Sheep - It's Important Association Paperwork

: Ruth Gerbig, Secretary
  American Cormo Sheep Association
  22849 MuleBarn Rd
  Sheridan, IN 46069

Work Order and Fee Schedule
Sheep Registration Form
The American Cormo Sheep Association is using the Associated Registry service to register, transfer and record all activities relating to American Cormo Sheep registration. The Secretary of ACSA maintains the membership roster. Beginning in 2018, all members will be assigned an ACSA member number. The Secretary will send to members a Membership Card with their ACSA number. This number will be used when registering sheep.

Registration of Cormo Sheep From Other Registries
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Complete the following two  forms and send the forms to the Associated Registry Service with fee. See instructions on the form for fee schedule and mailing address. 
Mail the ACSA Member Application to the ACSA Secretary with Fee payable to ACSA